The Well of Being: a children's book for adults



Macmillan Publishing’s (4th) edition of The Well of Being went out-of-print three months ago when the rights reverted to the author, Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre purchased the remaining stock of approximately  2,500 units. The overstock is being processed and shipped from Macmillan to Jean-Pierre. If you are willing to wait, place a back-order now.  As of now there are no current plans to reprint the book. Jean-Pierre will ship your order as soon as the books are transferred from Macmillan’s warehouse and come into his hands. We apologize for the delay. Tim Ferriss’s post simply caught us off guard. 

The Well of Being, by Jean-Pierre Weill, is an illustrated inquiry into the art of happiness and what it means to be radically alive in our daily moments. Images and a graceful philosophic text invite us to awaken from our constructed stories so that we may return to this world and live in the present. The book opens with a perennial account of life's ultimate purpose and concludes with a unique retelling of the puzzle we call growing up. Through art, philosophy, and poetry, we are offered a refreshing and empowering way to rethink ourselves. The book is an experience to be felt.