Evolve: a children's book for adults

Evolve is “a children’s book for adults”. It is an invitation. It is a philosophical journey, an exploration of the age-old question - Who am I? It asks: What is freedom? It is an essay on the transformative power of language. It is a landscape of the human psyche. It is an experience.

Evolve unpacks three stories from the book of Genesis. They are among the foundational narratives of western culture. Evolve brings these ancient stories together to restate with an altogether original voice who we are and where we are going.

Evolve is more than the sum of its parts. Like a beautiful song where words and melody combine, Evolve interlaces words with imagery and plummets to the core to pierce the heart. It takes the reader on a journey that neither the cleverest prose nor a stroll through the finest museum can achieve by themselves.

How we love a good children's book! It takes us back. As with every great children's book, Evolve can be explored repeatedly, for it invites its readers to lose themselves within its pages. Yet it is in every way a book for adults that begs for critical thinking. Indeed, its message is a distillation of adulthood.

Following the critical acclaim of Weill's first book The Well of Being, Evolve offers an altogether liberating message. Our deepest purpose is to become free, co-creative participants in existence. It is a balm and a call to action; passionate, sly, serious, and full of humor. Evolve is a great pop song, seemingly wholly new, with a message we have always known.