The Well of Being: a children's book for adults

"The Well of Being is a beautifully rendered reminder of what is important."
-Ram Dass
"Everyone should read this book - it's a mind changer."
-Daniel Goleman
"[The Well of Being] is a rapturous amazement. I think it is a Psalm."
-Cynthia Ozick
"A beautifully crafted, uplifting meditation on the inner, personal dimensions of hope."
-Kirkus Reviews

The Well of Being, a children’s book for adults, is a journey, narrated with simple words and paintings. It is about the wellbeing we long for, yet often only dimly remember and may no longer believe in.

Through images and simple text, the reader will encounter new ideas. Ideas about the patterns of thinking which sometimes constrict our view of who we are and how this world works.

The book’s originality is not for the sake of breaking rules and being quirky, but rather, to penetrate the reader’s heart and break it. The Well of Being promises to bring us back to a world that is coherent and whole and beautiful. I hope that it will bring pleasure and the sense of remembering something we always knew, but have forgotten. Beyond that, I wish for its perennial teaching to be understood and shared between friends.