The Well of Being

"The Well of Being is a rapturous
     amazement. I think it is a Psalm."

-Cynthia Ozick

winner of the Nabokov Award

"The Well of Being is a beautifully rendered
                  reminder of what is important."

-Ram Dass

author of Be Here Now

"Jean-Pierre Weill speaks straight to the heart ... Everyone should read this book - it's a mind changer."

-Daniel Goleman

author of Emotional Intelligebce

"The Well of Being distills profound
 principles with artful simplicity."

-Simcha Frischling

founder of Call of the Shofar

"A beautifully crafted, uplifting meditation
                                  on the inner, personal                                     dimensions of hope."

-Kirkus Reviews

The Well of Being is an illustrated inquiry

into the pursuit of happiness, and what it

means to be radically alive
in our daily moments.