Well of Being: a children's book for adults

Once upon a time,

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when we were infants in the garden, with no
thought to be anything other than ourselves,

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we lived in the sanctuary of One, without even
knowing it. There was neither good or bad nor
right or wrong. The world was whole.

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And whatever we made was a masterpiece.

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One day the child that was us passed by an
empty wall. A picture would be splendid here.

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Five trees, four birds, three stars, two deer,
one moon...

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Then footsteps! "A wonderful
surprise is coming," he thought.

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Oh! What a discovery!

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But it was he who would make the
discovery - the discovery - that he could do
something wrong.

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That he, or the world, could be wrong. And that
he was alone. From then on,

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he practiced ways to rearrange himself, to make
himself acceptable, so that he could return home.

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And so it continues. For the train's running late.

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And peaple are waiting. And things may go wrong.

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