The Well of Being



"With humor and with insight and poignancy, Jean-Pierre Weill uses concise, elegant drawings to gently convey a profound message. It is a book that can be visited over and over again, on good days and bad days. The Well of Being is a beautifully rendered reminder of what is important."

Ram Dass

International spiritual teacher and author of Be Here Now

"Jean-Pierre Weill speaks straight to the heart in a voice at once profound and provocative. Weill's creative genius shines - as writer, artist and thinker. Everyone should read this book - it's a mind changer."

Daniel Goleman

author of international best seller, Emotional Intelligence

"The drawings are sublime - in their firm, in their vision, in their wit, in their sly and yet overt allusions, in their understatement, in their expressiveness, in their beauty, in their use of emblems. It's as if Steinberg had mated with Tenniel, with Borges as shadchan! What shall we call this unique volume, this Invention? This landscape of the human psyche? It is a rapturous amazement. I think it is a Psalm."

Cynthia Ozick

winner of National Book Critics Circle Award, PENN/Nabokov Award , and three time winner of the O. Henry Competition

"An enchanting philosophical journey to read alone or to share quietly with another, The Well of Being distills profound principles with artful simplicity. It offers a new way to think of our relationships and what it means to come home to ourselves."

Simcha Frischling

Founder of Call of the Shofar



"A beautifully crafted, uplifting meditation on the inner, personal dimensions of hope."