I have just completed my second book, a sequel to “The Well of Being”.   “Evolve: a children’s book for adults” is an exploration into the nature of freedom. Preorder here evolve-book.com



In the beginning there was nothing. Only Oneness.

A space in the nothing was surrendered.

Each creation was given the gift of oneness. Each joined into more complex wholes.

The most novel and distinctive beings emerged, yet none had awakened to the gift they had received.

Let me take you on an excursion…

Let me take you to the place we long for.

Value this moment as if it were a mysterious gift…

It's a gift for the taking.

It's possible to remain at home in the world.

Let us go beneath the noise.

Our encounter with One is well-being. It is always available.

Some say that at the crux of things everything is random.







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